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Covata API 3.5 Documentation

This documentation is for 3.5.x versions of the Covata Platform.

Please refer to our important notice for information that relates to this documentation.

Overview of the Covata Platform and its API

Covata provides a complete solution and platform for securely protecting and sharing encrypted files and folders which can be stored and accessed anywhere (within an organisation, outside the domain and from mobile devices).

Covata's technologies provide this solution through the Covata Platform (upon which SafeShare is built), whose Access Service centrally manages cryptographic keys (used to encrypt/decrypt content) and access controls (which define who can access/decrypt content and when).

The Covata Platform also consists of a separate Content Service, which handles the upload/download of encrypted content to and from an S3-compatible storage provider, as well as server-side cryptography in situations where a zero-footprint (e.g. web browser-based) solution is required for sharing content.

This separation between the roles of the Covata Platform's Access and Content Services helps ensure that encrypted content is only able to be decrypted by the people it's intended for.

Users of Covata technologies can share their secured content with others through Covata's SafeShare applications. However, the Covata Platform also provides an Application Programming Interface (API) (1) to provide integrators with the ability to develop their own applications or solutions that leverage Covata's powerful data-centric security features.

The Developer's Guide provides integrators with instructions on how to get set up and begin using the Covata Platform's API.

The API Reference Guide, which integrates with the Developer's Guide, describes each API endpoint exposed through the Covata Platform and the various user roles and conditions that each endpoint supports.

(1) Notes:

  • The the Covata Platform's API (also known as the Covata API):
    • provides a range of endpoints, each of which is analogous to one or more object methods (in object-oriented programming), offering programmers the means to develop applications that interact with the Covata Platform
    • is accessed through a secured Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) connection.
  • For more information about administering the Covata Platform (which can also be performed through the Covata API), see the SafeShare Administrator's Guide.