Organisation Administrator's Guide
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Organisation Administrator's Guide for SafeShare CS1.0

This documentation is for CS1.x versions of SafeShare and the Covata Platform.

Please refer to our important notice for information that relates to this documentation.

Overview of SafeShare and the Covata Platform

Covata provides a complete solution and platform for securely protecting and sharing encrypted files and folders which can be stored and accessed anywhere (within an organisation, outside the domain and from mobile devices).

Covata's technologies provide this solution through the Covata Platform (upon which SafeShare is built), whose Access Service centrally manages cryptographic keys (used to encrypt/decrypt content) and access controls (which define who can access/decrypt content and when).

The Covata Platform's Access Service handles its key management and access controls separately from cryptography and user content. This separation helps ensure that encrypted content is only able to be decrypted by the people it's intended for.

Users of Covata technologies* can share their secured content with others through Covata's SafeShare applications, which integrate with the Covata Platform to ensure that critical key management and access controls are adhered to.

The Covata Platform provides an application programming interface (API), which allows integrators to develop their own applications that leverage Covata's powerful data-centric security features.

Organisation Administration

Organisation Administration is a web-based interface for administering an organisation's access to resources on a Covata Platform instance. This interface also provides access to a number of configurable features of Covata technologies * that apply to the organisation and Covata users who are members of the organisation.

Organisation Administration dashboard page

Organisation administrators are users who, once signed in to Organisation Administration, can access its dashboard (depicted above) and have the ability to perform the following administration activities within their organisation on their Covata Platform instance:

  • Configure Covata users through LDAP connections (for Covata Platform instances with a single organisation only).
  • Configure users (also known as 'Covata users') who are members of their organisation, where these user's accounts can be added as newly created ones or accounts which have already been registered on the Covata Platform.
  • Manage their organisation's contact groups, defining groups of Covata users with whom items can be shared.
  • Configure and manage their organisation's user whitelist, defining which people can be shared items within the organisation based on their email address/domain, including people who are not organisation members or yet registered on the Covata Platform.
  • Manage their organisation's classifications and clearances, both of which are used in conjunction to help ensure that classified content is only shareable with Covata users who have clearance to access this content.
  • Manage their organisation's plans, each of which defines a storage quota used to restrict the amount of storage (managed by the Covata Platform's Content Service) available to individual Covata user accounts.
  • Disable or re-enable access to any files encrypted using Covata technologies on the Covata Platform, as well as view all recorded activities on these files.
  • Generate reports on requests made by client applications to the Covata Platform's API.
  • Change the configuration of Organisation Administration properties.

* Covata technologies refers to all features and functionality provided by (and made available through) the Covata Platform, including Covata's SafeShare applications, the Covata Platform's API and the Covata Platform itself.